2020 HZS C2BRNE DIARY New Issues


Each NEW issue will be uploaded on the 25th day of each month - stay tunned!

Part A: Editor's Corner; Chem News; Bio News. Part B: Dirty News; Explosive News; Cyber News; Drone News; Preparedness News; Emergency Response News; Asymmetric Threats. Events Update: Coming or future conferences, courses, etc.

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JAN_2020 Part_A.pdf JAN_2020 Part_A.pdf
Size : 3241.71 Kb
Type : pdf
JAN_2020 Part_B.pdf JAN_2020 Part_B.pdf
Size : 3523.111 Kb
Type : pdf
FEB_2020 Part_A.pdf FEB_2020 Part_A.pdf
Size : 7351.287 Kb
Type : pdf
FEB_2020 Part_B.pdf FEB_2020 Part_B.pdf
Size : 3733.627 Kb
Type : pdf
MARCH 2020
MAR_2020 Part_A.pdf MAR_2020 Part_A.pdf
Size : 7706.57 Kb
Type : pdf
MAR_2020 Part_B.pdf MAR_2020 Part_B.pdf
Size : 3133.959 Kb
Type : pdf
 APRIL 2020
APR_2020 Part_A.pdf APR_2020 Part_A.pdf
Size : 12191.804 Kb
Type : pdf
APR_2020 Part_B.pdf APR_2020 Part_B.pdf
Size : 2812.782 Kb
Type : pdf

ΜΑΥ 2020
MAY_2020 Part_A.pdf MAY_2020 Part_A.pdf
Size : 6096.199 Kb
Type : pdf
MAY_2020 Part_B.pdf MAY_2020 Part_B.pdf
Size : 2158.661 Kb
Type : pdf
MAY_2020 Events.pdf MAY_2020 Events.pdf
Size : 1721.512 Kb
Type : pdf

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